Fosroc Nitoproof 30 chống thấm bitume lỏng

Uses forsoc Nitoproof 30
Provides a highly effective waterproof membrane, with cost
and labour saving supplementary benefits. It can be used in
a wide range of applications :
Protective coating for below ground concrete & concrete
Damp proof membrane in ‘sandwich construction’.
Dual purpose waterproofer and curing compound.
General purpose waterproofer for walls and floors
Highly effective vapour seal.
Effective as an adhesive/bonding agent for cork panels,
insulation boards, expanded polystyrene etc.
Cost saving, material which can be used as a waterproof
er and curing compound in a single application.
Labour saving, single component material which is also
water based, and therefore non-toxic.
Environmentally friendly, non-flammable, asbestos free
and can be used in confined spaces.
Excellent service life – resistant to chloride and sulphate
Versatile – highly extensible.

Standards compliance
Nitoproof 30 complies with the concrete curing requirements
of ASTM C309, when applied at the rate of 4m2 per litre.
Nitoproof 30 is a rubber reinforced, bitumen emulsion. It is
supplied as a single component liquid, dark brown in colour,
which dries to form a black, flexible coating.
Nitoproof 30 is available in drums and may be applied direct
ly to the substrate by brush or squeegee.

Application Nitoproof 30
Nitoproof 30 should be applied by brush or squeegee to
prepared surfaces. Stir well before use, replace lid when not
in use. Soak up any spillage with sand or sawdust and wash
down immediately.
Damp proof membrane and vertical vapour barrier
Apply Nitoproof 30 at the rate of 1m² per litre, to give a mini
mum dry film thickness of 600 microns, as per CP102:1973.
For vertical applications, ensure that there is no material sag.
This can be best achieved by multiple coat applications at a
maximum rate of 200 microns per coat. For multiple coat ap
plication, the second coat should be applied at right angles to
the first. All applications should be continued up verticals to
the existing damp proof course. Ensure that the membrane is
not punctured or damaged during subsequent applications.
Where the surface is to receive a render or plaster finish, a
keyed surface should be formed by ‘gritting’ the second coat
with clean, dry sand. Allow a minimum of 48 hours drying
period before applying a plaster, render or floor screed.


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